Accessible web pages

Website Accessibility

Accessibility is the key to maximising the number of users who can effectively use your website.

Design factors:-

  • Use of appropriate foreground / background colour combinations
  • Reducing dependence on specific screen size, allowing the user to decide the size of the browser page and its position. Ensuring web pages operate correctly on desktops / laptops / tablets / phones.
  • Removing dependence on specific text size, allowing the website to operate with the text size the user wants. Adjusting text size and page layout to make the text readable on all devices.
  • Ensuring that menus and buttons spacing allows easy use via keyboard, mouse and touch screens.
  • Balanced use of graphics with meaningful alternate names.
  • Placement of menus and text such that "screen readers" operate correctly
  • Where applicable allowing the user to set defaults to ease their use (eg colour selections, metric versus imperial units etc)