Mobile Devices

Mobile Friendly

Usage of the internet from mobile devices, both via broadband and via the mobile phone network continues to increase.

Hits on HawkOwl websites in the last 12 months split:

Phone 34.0 %
Tablet 21.0 %
Other (PC / Laptop / etc) 45.0 %

When a user lands on a HawkOwl website, the website will detect the device (eg Samsung GT P5110), its device type (eg Tablet), its operating system (eg Android) and its browser (eg Safari) and its orientation (eg Portrait). On the basis of this information:-

  • Additional space will be added between menu items and around buttons and input fields
  • Text size will be adjusted
  • Menu layout will be adjusted to reflect the changed size of the menu text
  • Images will be re-sized and re-arranged
  • Additionally elements on the page may be repositioned

If the user rotates the device to change orientation, all the above will be re-worked (in the time it takes to rotate the device).

Prior to website go LIVE the "mobile friendliness" of the website is confirmed by testing it on the Google Mobile Friendly test bed.