Website usage statistices

Website Usage Statistics

To assess the effectiveness of a website it is essential to know who is accessing the website, why they are accessing it and from where. The following need to be removed:-

  • hits made by search engine "robots" and "spiders"
  • hits made by other "robots" searching for email addresses to sell
  • hits made by email "spammers" attempting to use the site to send spam emails

The remainder will mostly be accesses made by web users, but to allow meaningful analysis it is necessary to know:-

  • how many unique users made those hits
  • where in the world those users are located
  • which of those unique users are new and which "have come back again"

HawkOwl websites track this information as standard and HawkOwl will assist you in the analysis of that information.

Monthly Site Usage statistics are provided free for HawkOwl developed websites.