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Website Development

HawkOwl offers a comprehensive website development service. Within a week of starting, the Test website will be established, you will have continuous access to enable you to view, review and provide input as your website develops.

Working closely with you, seeking your input and signoff at each stage, we will:-

  • Develop a prototype website design on the basis of your input
  • Use the agreed prototype to build the website pages
  • For frequently changing items, eg news, prices etc, we may have agreed to provide friendly update routines - these will be developed and moved to the Test website for you to use and review.
  • Develop a set of key words for each web page for submission to the search engines
  • With yourselves, test the delivered pages for accuracy of function, content, spelling and grammar.
  • When you are happy with the website we will make the website Live and publish it on to the various search engines.

The Test website will remain throughout the life of your website and will be used for testing any changes that you require in the future.