The diversity of the web

Web Diversity

The Web is a shared environment, where each individual exercises their right to choose which version of which browser they wish to use. Though browsers are slowly aligning to a set of standards, each browser operates slightly differently and has its own features (quirks).

Overlay the above with the variety of screen sizes available and the many users that run their browser within partial-screen windows and it becomes obvious that a rigid web page structure will fail for the majority of users.

HawkOwl websites detect the browser window size, and adjust the page layout and text size to provide a balance between the users choice of window size and the information to be displayed. Page layouts are flexible in structure designed to "degrade" cleanly to fit smaller windows while ensuring the content remains meaningful.

HawkOwl websites automatically adjust the webpage size as needed to the following widths 750px, 800px, 900px, 1000px, 1100px, 1200px, 1300px and additionally optimised widths for iPad, iPhone, IPod and Android.

All HawkOwl menus and buttons work on mouse based and touch screen devices (apple, android and windows 8)