System Development Cycle - Go Live

The Go Live

Following your sign off, your website will be made Live :-

  • your web pages will be copied to the live area
  • images will be compressed to achieve a good balance between image quality and image load time
  • the images and databases will be copied to the Live server
  • your website will be re-tested to ensure that all items have been correctly transfered and operate correctly
  • your website page load speed will be checked using a simulated broadband connection in the United States accessing your website on the HawkOwl servers in the UK - typical page load speeds for HawkOwl websites are just over 3 seconds (measured at the user end of an average broadband connection), significantly faster than the majority of websites.
  • Your website will be tested on the Google Mobile Friendly test bed, to confirm that it is mobile friendly and a pdf of the results will be emailed to you.
  • the Site Map for your website will be generated listing all your web pages

Your website and the associated SiteMaps will be submitted to the various search engines. The Site Map will be regenerated daily and re-submitted to the search engines each week for the first four months after Go Live, and thereafter quarterly.