System Development Cycle - Testing

The Testing

Prior to making the website live, it will need to be comprehensively tested to ensure:-

  • each web page operates correctly in isolation
  • the groups of web pages supporting each process (eg user registration) operate correctly together
  • all external links are correct
  • the website operates correctly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers
  • the website operates correctly on PC, Iphone, Ipad and Android (which covers the vast majority of devices). (Though Apple Mac is not tested explicitly, Safari Mac and Safari PC are very similar so there should not be any significant differences in website appearance or performance.)

Additionally the website will need to be checked for:-

  • accuracy of content, prices, references etc
  • correctness of spelling and grammar
  • that all content (text and images) is either original or is used with the permission of copyright owner
  • all content is consistent with the website rating - eg a "safe for kids" rated website should have no content, images, links or adverts which are not "safe for kids".