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Brochure Website


The brochure website is the web method for publishing details of your organisation, your experience, your products and services. Additionally, it covers details of how to find you and how to contact you.

The contact page is secure and does not require a "captcha" to be entered, making it easier for people to contact you.


E-commerce Module


The e-commerce module integrates with the brochure website to provide online ordering of goods and services.

The module covers order capture, basket checkout, collection (via Paypal or other bank interfaces), invoice generation (when the money has cleared) and despatch management. The customer is advised automatically by email as the transaction progresses.

There is no limit on the number of products stocked or the number of colours and / or sizes of each.


Booking Module


The booking module, allows visitors to view availability, make bookings with payment via the e-commerce module, or make booking requests which are emailed to the website owner for acceptance.

The booking process can take into account the owner's preferred booking length (eg 7 nights from Friday, 3 nights from Friday and 4 nights from Monday) or let the visitor choose their own date range.

The booking module integrates seamlessly with the brochure website and other modules.


Forum / Blog Module


The Forum / Blog module allows unlimited Discussions with unlimited Topics and unlimited Posts

Each Discussion can be configured as publish only or interactive

All contributors posting information are validated before they make their first post.

The Forum / Blog module integrates seamlessly with the brochure website and other modules.


Website Support


There are three main reasons for updating your website:-

  • Over time your website may need to be enhanced to provide additional / changed functionality as your requirements evolve / grow.
  • Search engines like fresh quality content in the webpages they are indexing, websites with fresh content will tend to appear higher in the list than those with content that hasn't been updated in months. A regular diary entry for you to look at your website and send some new or updated text or photos across is invaluable to your search position.
  • Web technologies are also constantly evolving, offering both opportunity and risk, HawkOwl will identify and advise of changes that may provide additional opportunities for your business.

HawkOwl is happy to provide both routine updates to your site and to develop any revised functionality.

  • "Within page" updates, ie text or photo updates for existing pages are Free, the updates are sent by email to HawkOwl and will typically be applied to the DEV website within two working days of receipt. Following your review and approval, they will be applied to the LIVE website.
  • If new pages, menus or functions are required, these are discussed, estimated and a quote provided for your approval. Following your approval, the change will be scheduled and follow the standard development process.

Website Hosting


HawkOwl websites are hosted on our large web server, the web server and the associated infrastructure and environment are provided by Amazon AWS from their secure facility in Ireland.

HawkOwl manages the server and configures it to our own exacting requirements, ensuring an optimal environment for your website.

In addition to the standard server backups, there are more frequent "snapshot" backups to ensure we can recover the server quickly in the event of a problem. Additionally, there are weekly "offsite" backups, held at a separate secure location, of all websites and their data.


Search Engine Management


HawkOwl offers a Search Engine Management service, which comprises :-

  • Where hits arise from a search, reviewing the user keywords used on that search, adjusting your websites' keywords where necessary.
  • On a weekly basis reviewing the entries stored in the search indices of the major search engines, adjusting keywords where necessary.
  • Monitoring where advantage may be gained from restructuring your web pages to generate additional search engine entries.
  • Working with you to review the keywords used by your competitor's websites and adjust yours as appropriate.
  • Submitting your website's Site Map to the major search engines at least three times each week.

Website Statistics


To assess the effectiveness of a website it is essential to know who is accessing the website, why they are accessing it and from where. The following need to be removed:-

  • hits made by search engine "robots" and "spiders"
  • hits made by other "robots" searching for email addresses to sell
  • hits made by email "spammers" attempting to use the site to send spam emails

The remainder will mostly be accesses made by web users, but to allow meaningful analysis it is necessary to know:-

  • how many unique users made those hits
  • where in the world those users are located
  • which of those unique users are new and which "have come back again"

HawkOwl websites track this information as standard and HawkOwl will assist you in the analysis of that information.

Monthly Site Usage statistics are provided free for HawkOwl developed websites. Example Web Stats

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